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Increased payload & insulation

    Our first container, the 20ft AELER Unit One - CSC & TIR certified in 2020, sets a new benchmark in efficiency.

    It is better insulated and stronger than the conventional all-steel container: 15% lighter, 7% more aerodynamic, has reefer quality insulation and reduces the CO2 emissions of transportation by 20%.

    Crucially, it provides an extra 4 tonnes of capacity when transporting flexitanks.

      AELER Unit One

      20ft ISO container.

      TIR & CSC certified.

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      Cubic capacity

      33 m³

      Tare Weight

      2000 kg

      Max payload

      28480 kg

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      CO2 Reduction

      10 - 20%

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      Insulation: U value

      70 W/°K

      Max stacking capability of fully loaded containers

      7-high stack

      Resistant composite flooring

      Watertight design

      Stronger and impact resistant composite walls

      Easy to wash interior design

      The smartphone of shipping containers

      Our proprietary embedded system technologies independently understand and provide complete information on both the container and its cargo at all times. This makes the AELER Unit One a tireless, super-aware overseer for the entire journey, end-to-end.

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      Redefining visibility

      FLEET is our container management tool.

      With it, you can book containers, manage your moving cargo, see the status of your containers, display graphs, generate reports, receive alerts and access other operational services. All this to make sure your logistics operations run efficiently. Thanks to our APIs, FLEET integrates seamlessly with your IT infrastructure.

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